Are you ready to step into your confidence as a leader?  Are you wanting to live more authentically and create a more inspired life for yourself?  Here are three ways you can work with Rene' Murata to unlock your CEO Voice.

One-On-One Sessions

Feminine Leadership is about being in balance with your inner Divine Feminine and Masculine energies.  Through personalized sessions, you can begin to uncover your OWN Feminine Leadership style; exploring a variety of coaching techniques for personal or professional growth or different energy healing techniques to bring balance into your life. 

Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation.

CEO Voice Online Course

Within this online course, I share some of the processes I've created to help you develop YOUR voice as a leader. The different modules provide other tips and tricks to create solutions in ways that are equally intuitive and analytical.
Join me, and learn how to use your energy, as a woman, to create a professional identity beyond anything you've experienced!

Workshops & Seminars

Speaking to groups, small and large, offers me the opportunity to share with you some potential solutions to the challenges many women face when stepping into leadership roles. Fair warning! Some of those obstacles are created by women! However, I believe that we can learn to turn some of our perceived weaknesses into our greatest assets! Contact me for more information!


"Rene’ is fantastic! She cuts to the core of the situation and helps you understand how you can be emotional AND be successful in the business world. I have been able to take the information that she has given me and used it in the development of my business". -Anna G.

"I loved Rene’s videos. They were easy to understand and they me information that I was able to take and put to use right away". -Amanda H.

"Working with Rene’ one on one was so helpful for me. She can see a situation clearly and help you easily work through whatever challenges you have. I was struggling with wanting to make a career change, and Rene’ was able to help me through it. I’m happy to say that I got the promotion that I wanted and am now in charge of a team of 20. I have successfully changed the working model of the department that I manage, and in the process have increased productivity by 14%". -Janet C

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