Become the CEO of Your Life and Business!

This is the perfect course to get you there!

As a woman in a male-dominated Industry, I've had to learn to strike a balance: to live and work in a way that creates a nurturing, cooperative work space, and to leverage my feminine essence with structured, traditional business tools.

Within this course, I'll be sharing some of the processes I've developed, along with other tips and tricks, to help you develop YOUR voice as a leader. To solve problems in ways that are equally intuitive and analytical.

Join me, and learn how to use your energy as a woman to create a professional identity beyond anything you've experienced.

Topics of the CEO Voice course are:

Module 1 - Communication

Learn to recognize different energies between CEOs and other high-level managers, potential clients and friends and why it is important to know the difference.

Learn how to navigate relationships that cross boundaries between these different groups; i.e. friends that are employees, clients that are friends.

Module 2 - Listening Skills

Learn how to listen energetically or viscerally. Identify your energetic listening centers and how to connect them with business structures in order to utilize your CEO voice in difficult situations.

Learn some simple tools to help you not take things personally.

Learn to recognize when your voice is in reaction and how to shift to respond.

Module 3 - Decision making

Do you agonize over your decision? Or do you jump into something? Learn some tools that will help you make tough decisions.

Learn how to tap into your energetic center when making decisions.

Identify game changers and how to address them.

Learn some tricks on how to give yourself permission to make tough decisions.

Module 4 - Delegation

Identify when it is time to delegate something to someone else.

Who do you delegate to and why?  Are you offloading your schedule or are you using it to train someone?

What is appropriate for delegation and why?  There are items that may not be appropriate to delegate to someone else.

Module 5 - Mentoring

Are you able to mentor?  Are you yourself a student?

Who do you choose to mentor and why?

Learn tools to help mentor the overzealous underachiever, the overachiever, and the unskilled employee.

Module 6 - Fine-Lines

What is the fine line between physical/mental exhaustion and emotional exhaustion? Why is that boundary important?

Do you work with someone that affects you emotionally? Learn some tricks on how to address their concerns while taking care of yourself.

What are some tools to help alleviate emotional exhaustion?

What am I going to receive from this course?

  • 6 very valuable sessions that you can re-listen to!
  • Discover and Develop Your CEO Voice!
  • Develop skills that allow you to create your business on your terms.
  • Learn to be a powerful communicator.
  • Learn to make difficult decisions, delegate and mentor.

  • Who will benefit from this course?
  • CEOs
  • Managers
  • Teachers
  • Healers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone who wants to become a confident communicator!

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