Rene Murata is an entrepreneur, consultant, wife, mother and grandmother. With a shared joy of life, she and her husband are actively raising two of their grandchildren and have elected to homeschool them so that they can pursue their love of adventure. It is from this sense of adventure that Rene’ first decided to start her own business.

Rene’ is the Chief Executive Officer and Owner of Risk Integrity Safety Knowledge, Inc. (RISK, Inc.) as well as the owner of CEO Essence and RM Essence. With RISK Inc., she has built a company that offers a full range of technical consulting, training, and staffing services in Process Safety and Risk Management. Due to the many challenges that Rene’ faced as a female CEO, she recognizes the obstacles that women face in the business world. It is from that recognition that she has started her second company, called CEO Essence. With CEO Essence, Rene’ offers coaching for women and men seeking to expand and support female leadership in the working environment.

Throughout her working career, Rene’ sought mentors that would encourage and assist her in her understanding of the business environment. However, mentors were few and far between. Instead, she often found resistance, from both men and women, to her inquiries as to how to navigate the business world.



As such, when she started RISK, Inc., she had to figure things out as she went. At first, she followed traditional lines that she had learned while completing her master’s degree in Global Enterprise Management. While this met with success, she struggled with the male business model that she had been taught, finding it stressful. She then started to focus on ways to reconcile her instincts and intuition as a woman with day to day business decisions, thus developing her own unique style of management. This management hinges on the concept of a cooperative and collaborative environment in which everyone can thrive.

Given her success in the consulting world of Process Safety and Risk Management, Rene’ has found herself in a position to mentor other women within her industry. So, when she was approached by a woman from an altogether different industry looking for mentoring, she was both surprised and humbled. From that experience, Rene’ realized that there was a desire for business women in all industries to understand how to tap into their intuition, their essence, and combine it with structure to be both successful and fulfilled in the business environment.

From that realization, Rene’ has focused her coaching practice on helping other women develop their CEO voice. She feels that women can learn how to combine their natural intuition with traditional business techniques to succeed. She has developed a series of videos to reach a wider audience of women who are looking for ways to develop a working environment in which they can thrive. In this series of videos, Rene’ walks you through specific examples of how to tap into that intuition and then how to combine it with daily practices to develop a stronger business presence.

Additionally, she has developed a coaching practice to further support women in their pursuit of business success and men looking to understand how to actively encourage and support female leadership. Her intent is to help women overcome their own self-limiting beliefs around female leadership and help men understand and address their biases and beliefs around female leadership.

Rene’ is also a Reiki practitioner. When she first discovered Reiki, she was immediately drawn to its powerful energy and healing capabilities. After witnessing, first hand, its powerful healing, when her

brother-in-law broke his back, she decided to pursue Master Training. Upon completion, she began teaching Reiki. Along with her daily Reiki practice, Rene’ practices Yoga, Pilates and meditation, believing that spiritual and physical health coexist in the creation of a more joyous and prosperous journey.

It is through these practices that Rene’ has learned to balance work with play, making time to enjoy life a priority. With that, she enjoys a wide variety of activities including; playing games with her grandchildren, going to the beach, skiing, reading, baking, and cooking. She and her family enjoy traveling to new places, exploring the local culture and monuments and trying new foods and activities. Some of those new activities have included things like parachuting and paddle boarding. She believes in the adventure that life has to offer and chooses to live it fully. Throughout her educational career, Rene earned her M.B.A. in Global Enterprise Management from Jones International University and holds a B.A. in Applied Physics as well as a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from Southern Oregon University.

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