Vulnerability and Criticism

I work well with men; I always have. They are straightforward and easy to talk to. I don’t have to guess what they are thinking, they will tell me. And I don’t have to wonder if they mean it. They are straight forward in their dealings. There is no guesswork about motives…

Why women trash successful women

What resonates with me…
Michelle Goldberg does an excellent job at pointing out the double standards that women have about female leadership. Women say that they want more power, they want to lead, they want to be treated as equals and yet…

Women Who Hate Other Women: The Psychological Root of Snarky

What resonates with me... Having been the recipient of "mean girl" talk, this article hit a cord with me. If you've ever been on the receiving end of vitriol, OR if you've ever been one to dish it out, take a few minutes to read this article. If we want true feminine...

My Core Values

  • I live in integrity.


  • I live intentionally and joyfully.


  • I am in a constant state of growth and learning.


  • I enjoy assisting others in their pursuit of a more fulfilling and joyful experience.


  • I choose to respect others and their difference of opinions, beliefs and lifestyles.

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