“When you apply intuition and structure to business, success follows.”


-Rene’ Murata CEO of CEO Essence & CEO of Risk Integrity Safety Knowledge, Inc.

“A woman with a voice can accomplish anything she desires.”


-Rene’ Murata CEO of CEO Essence & CEO of Risk Integrity Safety Knowledge, Inc.

“Global leadership IS Feminine leadership.”


-Rene’ Murata CEO of CEO Essence & CEO of Risk Integrity Safety Knowledge, Inc.


What if you could embody your feminine AND your masculine energies, bringing balance back internally? Are you aware of the impact this would have on you personally and professionally?

Connection and collaboration are both necessary for creativity and innovation to occur and are pivotal for individuals and organizations in staying ahead in today’s fast paced, ever changing economic landscape. Being your best in life and business comes when you practice compassion, build connection, balance masculine and feminine energies, incorporate business structure and apply self-care!

When a woman balances her feminine intuition and her inner connectedness with masculine decisiveness and drive, she can excel in every aspect of her life.  She can then embody the confidence to bring forward her compassion, and emotion in a way that benefits and creates connection and collaboration – all plusses for the bottom line.

Working with us will help you find that balance to then accomplish anything you desire in life.  We work together bringing you a rich tapestry of experience to design the perfect and unique experience for you and your organization.



With group workshops, one-on-one development coaching, online courses and more, I offer multiple paths to help you and your business grow on all levels. Work with me to develop your CEO Essence!

About Rene

I am a Master Healer and Personal Coach. I serve women who are looking to reclaim balance in their personal and professional lives and find their CEO Essence through use of a variety of healing and....

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