“When you apply intuition and structure to business, success follows.”


-Rene’ Murata CEO of CEO Essence & CEO of Risk Integrity Safety Knowledge, Inc.

“A woman with a voice can accomplish anything she desires.”


-Rene’ Murata CEO of CEO Essence & CEO of Risk Integrity Safety Knowledge, Inc.

“Global leadership IS Feminine leadership.”


-Rene’ Murata CEO of CEO Essence & CEO of Risk Integrity Safety Knowledge, Inc.


CEO Essence is about helping women lead. Whether you are already in a leadership role, or wanting to enter one, CEO Essence is designed to help you lead in a way that is natural and comfortable for you. Traditional leadership roles demand that we lead without feeling and intuition; believing that emotion is a sign of weakness. However, learning how to manage our emotion and combine them with business strategies is one of our greatest assets.

Read below to see if I can help you develop your CEO Voice so that you can live in your CEO Essence. I look forward to hearing from you.



"Rene’ is fantastic! She cuts to the core of the situation and helps you understand how you can be emotional AND be successful in the business world. I have been able to take the information that she has given me and used it in the development of my business". -Anna G.


Rene Murata is an entrepreneur, consultant, wife, mother and grandmother. With a share joy of life, she and her husband are actively raising two of their grandchildren and have elected to homeschool them so that they can pursue their love of adventure. It is from this sense of adventure that Rene’ first decided to start her own business.

Throughout her working career, Rene’ sought mentors that would encourage and assist her in her understanding of the business environment. However, mentors were few and far between. Instead, she often found resistance, from both men and women, to her inquiries as to how to navigate the business world.

My Core Values

  • I live in integrity.
  • I live intentionally and joyfully.
  • I am in a constant state of growth and learning.
  • I enjoy assisting others in their pursuit of a more fulfilling and joyful experience.
  • I choose to respect others and their difference of opinions, beliefs and lifestyles.

"Working with Rene’ one on one was so helpful for me. She can see a situation clearly and help you easily work through whatever challenges you have. I was struggling with wanting to make a career change, and Rene’ was able to help me through it. I’m happy to say that I got the promotion that I wanted and am now in charge of a team of 20. I have successfully changed the working model of the department that I manage, and in the process have increased productivity by 14%". -Janet C

My Latest Blog

Vulnerability and Criticism

I work well with men; I always have. They are straightforward and easy to talk to. I don’t have to guess what they are thinking, they will tell me. And I don’t have to wonder if they mean it. They are straight forward in their dealings. There is no guesswork about motives…

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