Hello! My name is René Murata!

I am a Master Healer and Personal Coach. My calling is to serve women who are looking to reclaim balance in their personal and professional lives and find their CEO Essence through use of a variety of healing and coaching modalities. Yes! It IS possible to “have it all” and have it all joyously!

Through my work, I have the opportunity to work with women in reaching their personal and professional goals by helping them release energetic blocks to success, caused by past traumas, beliefs and fears. These energetic blocks keep us from being and living our truth, keeping us locked in positions of powerlessness and despair that strip us of our ability to step into our Divine Feminine Leadership.

Through my own experience, I know what it is like to feel weighed down, fearful, unappreciated and unbalanced. I spent many years trying to be all things to all people, while never really “being me”. It nearly ended my marriage. It certainly impacted my children. And it hampered my career. Through my own healing, I have been able to not only find the balance and fulfillment that I was seeking, I have also found my voice. Through my voice I have been able to step into a role of leadership. However, this leadership is not the leadership of today, with competition, judgement and criticism, but rather the leadership of our ancestors; leading with love, compassion, grace and power. THIS is Divine Feminine Leadership!


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We all have both masculine and feminine traits within us. Finding and balancing those parts is key to leading a balanced life.

Sharing the lessons of Divine Feminine Leadership, through CEO Essence is one of the greatest joys of my life.

Like so many women, I had experiences in my early childhood and teen years that left me ashamed and fearful; disconnected from my body, disconnected from my femininity, disconnected from my “true self”. Like many women, I threw myself into proving that I was good enough to succeed in this predominately patriarchal society. I adopted a more masculine approach in my life and my leadership. This disconnect nearly ended my business with me in burnout after a few short years.

I then went the opposite direction, adopting a strictly intuitive approach to leadership, believing that this was a more feminine approach. And while this brought me closer to balanced living, there were still pieces missing in my life.

I see so many women struggling with these same issues. Women that believe that the only way to success in their career is to “be more masculine”. Choosing to reject their femininity for fear of being seen as weak, vulnerable or worse, not being seen at all. Other women, choose to disregard their masculine side, believing that it is “bad” or somehow that they are betraying themselves or their “kind”. Neither is bad, neither is good. Both are unbalanced.

It wasn’t until after I began Reiki energy work that I began to uncover the missing pieces, or better stated, recover and therefore begin to live a balanced life. After completing my Master training, I started to explore various healing techniques. It was through this discovery process that I began to understand what it truly meant to lead, to have compassion while also being strong, to be able to critique without criticizing or judging, to create collaboration without competition. This balance of Masculine AND Feminine qualities is imperative in leadership. It is also imperative in life.

Leadership isn’t just about the workplace, it is about being in balance in LIFE. It’s about claiming and reclaiming the divine masculine and feminine qualities that live within each of us. This is Divine Feminine Leadership. This is CEO Essence!

Joy and gratitude,

René Murata

Hi there! I’m Janet Benaquisto

– Yes, it is a mouthful but quite easy to say if you think of it as “Ben-a-Kwist-o” (rhymes with twist-o). 

I am a life-long learner, teacher and mentor.  For me, however, the ultimate joy, is teaching others how to create happiness in their own lives and I seek to do that wherever I am.  Looking back on over forty years of different jobs it seems that no matter what my actual title was, I was learning, teaching and mentoring in every role I have had.   I took classes and found additional reading to gain a deeper understanding with each new industry I entered then shared what I learned with co-workers.   For example, when a co-worker was promoted to a new position and was struggling with concepts unfamiliar to them, concepts in which I was well versed, I created a reference sheet they could use to help them.  After all, helping each other, lifting each other up, brings joy for both of us. 

When I began working in the process safety industry, I was fortunate to have a mentor guide me in learning, introduce me to resources and provide feedback.  Years later, I passed that on when I took on a new assistant and mentored her in the same concepts.  It was extremely rewarding to hear the excitement in her voice after one of the reading assignments and to know she understood how her job was part of a bigger picture that was preventing injuries and saving lives.  I have continued to coach her on a variety of skills, helping her recognize her strengths and develop them further.  What a joy!

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This mindset carries into my personal life as well.   I have practiced Nichiren Buddhism for over 30 years It is a Buddhist practice that celebrates innate humanism and equality of all with the goal of enabling every single person to become happy without exception.   Nichiren declared in 13th century Japan that women could attain enlightenment equally with men – a heretical statement for that time and one of the many reasons I was drawn to studying and embracing this philosophy.   Key tenets include compassion and courage when approaching obstacles in our lives.  Compassion is seeing beyond the external to see the equal human in front of you, which may sometimes take the form of compassion for oneself.  I volunteer as a leader for local discussion and study meetings, which includes teaching new members, leading study sessions, and sharing experiences so that others can see how accomplishing goals and overcoming difficulties helps us develop our own inner strength.

In my own extended family, my husband and I have worked to create a safe loving environment where everyone is a loved part of the family.  When we tell friends that we have up to 35 people for Thanksgiving dinner and it includes both my husband’s ex-wives, they often are surprised.  For us, the love and community we share as a family is more important than past differences and we come together to celebrate our shared love. 

I met Rene’ about a dozen years ago and we instantly clicked.  I joined her RISK consulting business as Marketing Director when it launched.  I watched her launch CEO Essence and now have joined her in this exciting journey to support women leaders.  Our mission is to assist women in bringing balance to their lives and helping them unlock their powerful potential in the world.

As a self-taught marketing professional with over thirty years of experience I have worked in a wide array of industries from plastics manufacturing to dental practice management to medical device manufacturing to process safety.  The key to my success has been asking questions and listening to the answers with my heart.  I see every person as a unique opportunity for us to learn and teach each other.  Let CEO Essence help you discover your Divine Feminine Leadership!

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