“When you apply intuition and structure to business, success follows.”


-Rene’ Murata CEO of CEO Essence & CEO of Risk Integrity Safety Knowledge, Inc.

“A woman with a voice can accomplish anything she desires.”


-Rene’ Murata CEO of CEO Essence & CEO of Risk Integrity Safety Knowledge, Inc.

“Global leadership IS Feminine leadership.”


-Rene’ Murata CEO of CEO Essence & CEO of Risk Integrity Safety Knowledge, Inc.



CEO Essence: To bring about change, it takes Compassion, Empowerment, One person and the Essence from our balanced Feminine and Masculine energies.

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When we tap into our masculine energies (CEO) and combine them with our feminine intuition (Essence) we create a balance in our lives. When our masculine and feminine energies are in balance, we find that we can express BOTH our femininity AND our strength within our lives. If we are out of balance, we are often seen as (and thus labeled) flighty, emotional, weak (fem) or aggressive and bitchy (masc).

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CEO Essence is Compassion, Confidence and Community.  Community in the sense of “Common Unity” going beyond individual teams to encompass more than the individual team members.

Our Feminine Leadership course was designed to support women in leadership roles by providing tools that improve compassion, connection, and collaboration.

CEO Voice was developed for the entrepreneur, fempreneur and solo business owner seeking to improve communications both internally and externally.

Compassionate Leadership allows women and men from the front line to the boardroom to employ compassionate leadership for greater diversity and inclusivity in the corporate world. 


With group workshops, one-on-one development coaching, online courses and more, I offer multiple paths to help you and your business grow on all levels. Work with me to develop your CEO Essence!

About Rene

I am a Master Healer and Personal Coach. I serve women who are looking to reclaim balance in their personal and professional lives and find their CEO Essence through use of a variety of healing and....

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